Kohack is a blogging platform that aims to facilitate and grow the local Bruneian writing scene focused on the realm of computer science. We believe that progress can happen at a much faster rate when people can easily get together to share and discuss their ideas, problems, and the solutions that they come up with. We also believe that writing is the best medium to convey your work in its most accessible, high-quality form.

We feel that the culture of creating content (e.g., blogging) among local hackers has seemingly no presence in Brunei. With Kohack as the open platform, we aim to invite local hackers to write and blog about things that like-minded computer enthusiasts may find interesting.

When we use the term hacker, we are referring to the more innocent but archaic form of its definition: technology enthusiasts who like to overcome technical problems, usually by employing computers. We prefer to use this term as it represents our ideals closely; and, it is through the driving force of this hacker culture ideals that we hope the contents in Kohack are proliferated.

This site is hence the petri dish in our attempt to develop local hacker culture.

Welcome to Kohack!