Amirul Menjeni

I’m a Graduate Development Trainee at Brunei Shell Petroleum assuming the role of Software Engineer (and more recently, Data Engineer) since I joined the company through its Shell Graduate Programme conducted in the early- to mid-2020.

At the present, my core tasks as a Software Engineer and Data Engineer include designing software architecture, developing, and maintaining Web applications, and integrating heterogeneous systems, along with overlooking and working with remote (outsourced) developers in the implementation, delivery, and maintenance of a nascent in-house data platform.

I graduated from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) in early 2019, a few months before the advent of COVID-19, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. After graduating, I worked briefly at UBD’s RoboLab V3 as a research assistant. I would later join Datastream Digital (DST) as a part-time developer assuming the role of data engineer where I got my first opportunity to get my hands on multi-node cluster hosting big data engineering frameworks and tools like Spark, Hadoop, and Airflow.

I sometimes struggle to pinpoint my specific interests, even after narrowing them down to the domain of computer science and engineering. Currently, my roles and day-job involvements have made my direction of interest lean towards the well-established software engineering field and the more nascent and rapidly evolving field of data engineering.

I’ve also found myself picking up the habit of reading books more frequently. This has also encouraged me to take up the pen (or in this case, the keyboard) to try out writing. I’m also kindled by the popular idea of “Write to Think” among creatives – indeed, writing is thinking; and reading Herbert Lui’s Don’t Think to Write, Write to Think may move you to want to do the same.